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Viral Videos: Priest Surprises Bride and Groom

Bride and groom Chris and Leah O’Kane got a surprise they will never forget when their priest gave the couple a “gift” that stunned everyone in attendance. The pair had looked forward to their big day for over a year, planning every last detail of the wedding, or so they thought! Heavenly! Enjoy this video! […]

How Will History Portray Us?

Elderly Woman Who Waves At Students Every Day From Window Gets Big Surprise

For years, Tinney Davidson has been giving students, who walk by her window, a kind smile, an enthusiastic wave, and most of all, her joy. One day the high schoolers decided to surprise her by showing their appreciation in a big way.

How Real Men Surprise Their Sweethearts

A company in the Philippines, set out to find real men who would be willing to sing a love song to their sweetheart in a crowded restaurant. At first, the men they approached, were hesitant, but each agreed to do it for the woman he loved. After learning the words to The Backstreet Boys’, “Tell […]

How Leopard Diablo Became Spirit

This is amazing!

7 Year Old Cancer Survivor Scores A 69 Yard Touchdown

Nebraska held is annual Red-White Spring Game on Saturday and the star of the contest was a 7-year-old boy. Jack Hoffman is a diehard Nebraska fan battling brain cancer. Last season, he formed a bond with Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead and has become an inspiration for the Huskers ever since. So, during the fourth […]

Don’t Sound Stupid, Stop Saying Like!

This poster was found on a college campus in California It reads: Cathy, 20 Santa Barbara: “I’d like to like, have, like, better grades. But when, I, like, talk in the, like, like, classroom, I, like, say a lot of, like, things that my, like, teacher and my, like, classmates, don’t find, like, convincing. Is […]

Viral Videos: 20 Things We Should Say More Often From Kid President

Robby Novak, better known by the nickname Kid President of the United States, is an American comedian, motivational speaker, and has become an Internet sensation with his funny, yet powerful viral videos. Here’s Robby’s list of things we can’t say too often. We hope that one day, Robby will be President. The world will be better for it.

Viral Videos: French Bulldog Plays Game with Pups

No matter the species, it seems that kids will be kids and, in this case, dads will be dads. What dad hasn’t played the game, I call, “I’m gonna get you!” with their children. Watch Sonny the French Bulldog as he plays that game with his 6-week-old puppies. You can tell that he’s a gentle dad […]

Woman Goes To Gym For 100 Days (Weight Loss Motivation)

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Lakeisha Shurn recorded a video diary, showing her 100 day progress at the gym as she set out to lose weight and boost her self-esteem. Watch her timelapse video, as she tells why she took on this challenge and how she felt along the way. She is an inspiration to all who struggle with weight-loss […]