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Wing Suit Daredevil Meets His MakerThe Life Expectancy Calculator: What\'s Your REAL Age?Elderly Woman Who Waves At Students Every Day From Window Gets Big Surprise10 Amazing Ways To Trick Your Brain Into Eating LessPriest Surprises Bride and GroomA Tribute To Robin Williams

Wing Suit Daredevil Meets His Maker

Very sadly, a wing suit dare devil attempted to fly past one of the most famous statues in the world, without success. Watch as he literally meets his maker

Words That People Get Mixed Up: Infographic

You’re is the contraction for you are.

A Tribute To Robin Williams

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” ~Robin Williams

Scene That Was Not Shown During Oscars Ceremonies

Post Image

Many believe this to be the greatest Academy Awards opening performance ever!

Picture of the Day: A Perfect Rainbow Over Manhattan

This beautiful of a perfect rainbow over Manhattan was taken recently by C. Barney from her balcony with iPhone.

The Life Expectancy Calculator: What’s Your REAL Age?

Your Virtual Age shown by the Real Age Calculator can be used to determine yourhealth, care for your body, vitality, and life expectancy. Consider this a true age test based on gender, weight, build, biological age, stress, sleep, cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, CAD history, heart problems, digestive tract, Diabetes history and more. Your life expectancy increases […]

Two Guys Singing Order At Mexican Food Drive Thru Are Hilarious!

Watch Rhett and Link sing their order into the drive-thru speaker of a Mexican food drive-thru. The worker’s reaction is totally authentic and keep and eye on the screen as it shows each item.

Viral Videos: Priest Surprises Bride and Groom

Bride and groom Chris and Leah O’Kane got a surprise they will never forget when their priest gave the couple a “gift” that stunned everyone in attendance. The pair had looked forward to their big day for over a year, planning every last detail of the wedding, or so they thought! Heavenly! Enjoy this video! […]

How Will History Portray Us?

Elderly Woman Who Waves At Students Every Day From Window Gets Big Surprise

For years, Tinney Davidson has been giving students, who walk by her window, a kind smile, an enthusiastic wave, and most of all, her joy. One day the high schoolers decided to surprise her by showing their appreciation in a big way.